Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nonfiction Graphic Features Practice

I was trying to get my students ready for our state testing here in Arizona and I wrote some things to help me do that.  There is a lot of analyzing graphs and graphic features in the science and reading on our tests.  I wrote a graphic features paper for my students and used science type graphs for them to analyze.  After I was done using it, I uploaded it to my teacher pay teachers store and it has sold fairly well.  The graphs are colored for better display on smart boards etc.  To see this assignment (lesson) go to the site below:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Science Modules

The first year I taught 7th grade, which was three years ago, I had no idea how to teach biodiversity and invasive species.  I was stumbling around the internet when I discovered a website that had great science modules for the topics I needed to teach.  This website is from the University of Florida Center for Precollegiate Education and Training. It is known as SPICE. Spice is a five year project funded by the National Science Foundation. Many of the modules have an ecosytem theme.  Most have various lessons complete with powerpoints and printables.  The modules I use are Biodiversity, who cares? and Invasive Species.  If you are a science teacher I would definitely check it out here at the link below.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Student Birthday Cards

I had several parents call me this year and tell me that it was their child's birthday and they wanted me to know so I could do whatever we do for birthdays in 7th grade.  My first thought was, "Do I do anything?"  Not something high on my list for 7th grade.  I am more concerned about if I can get biodiversity taught by state testing week.  Well, I actually did do something nice.  I made a cool pop-up card for birthdays and I will be actively giving them out next year.  Here is a picture of the card below.  It has a pencil placed behind the pop-up.  This card is on sale this weekend in my store. Just click on this link to find it:

Sunday, April 10, 2011

$100 free give away!!!

There is a contest going on the First Grade Factory blog.  You have 4 ways to win the $100.  You can follow the blog, or follow her TPT store.  You can also publish a post about her contest and leave a comment with a link or put First Grade Factory in your sidebar on your blog.  Sounds like a great contest! Of course you can follow me too!  You could also follow the link to my store and follow me there as well.  If you don't want to do that, you could just download my free product at my store.  800 other people did today!
First Grade Factory

Rock Cycle Game

My Rock Cycle Game made it into the Teachers Pay Teachers newsletter today.  It is a fun little game that teaches that the rock cycle is not circular.  Rocks can go through various changes and not in a particular order.  It contains some of my personal photos from around Arizona.  The cover page shows a picture of Sedona during a storm.  This picture is repeated on some of the cards.  There are also pictures from Sunset Crater and Saguaro National Monument.  You can download it free from my store.
Rock Cycle Game

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Sight Words

Well I must deviate again from science for awhile and talk about sight words!  I tutor non-readers on a weekly basis and have put together another sight word game.  I did not like the clip art out there so I drew my own spring pictures of a bunny, a swallowtail butterfly, and a ladybug.  Whew!  That was a lot of work!  I am pleased with the result, however.  It came out very springy and Easterish!  (Are those words?) Here is my ladybug:

If you would like to see the rest of this game, please visit my store at:
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