Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Agghh! Science Fair

I have yet to have a non-stressful science fair!  It is actually a huge project for a 11-13 year old to handle.  I try to make it bearable by giving students a packet with all due dates and parts of the project.  I still have a lot of aggravation!!!  I have discovered that part of my frustration comes about because of students and their partners.  I tell them they may do the project by themselves or in a group up to 3 people.  I do this because I see over 200 students and 200 projects is too much to oversee.  However, just today I had a group of girls who already had their problem and hypothesis done split up due to arguing over the project.  What is there to argue about on a science fair project when you already know what you are doing?!!

Another issue I have is that students want to change their problem in the middle of the project.  They start with a good question like: Which are stronger caged chicken eggs or free-range chicken eggs?  And turn into something like:  Which egg is faster a caged chicken egg or a free-range chicken egg?  What?  Faster down what, a ramp?  Why do we care about which egg is fastest?  All I have to say is AGGHHHH!


Think, Wonder, & Teach said...

This totally sounds like something my son would do. I can't figure out why they switch the question. I can interrogate him as he is mine and he says he just got bored and wanted to hurry up and finish it. GRRR!

Think, Wonder, & Teach

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