Monday, January 7, 2013

Valentine Clip Art

Well I made it through the holidays!  Our district went back to school January, 3rd, boy was that hard!  I have never gone back on a Thursday before and quite frankly I didn't know if I would wake up!  When I got to school today the heat wasn't turned on and it was freezing in our rooms.  I guess the people controlling the heat didn't know we were back supposed to be back either.  Now I know what you are saying out there.... who needs heat in Phoenix!  To be honest, Phoenix can get quite chilly in the winter....really!

Now on to bigger and better things... I have some cute little heart clip art for Valentine's Day that you might be interested in.  The images posted here can be snatched for personal or commercial use but please do not resell them in their original state without creating something with them.  The rest can be found here at my store:     Heart Clip Art
Here are some of the clips found in this product.  Make sure you snatch them right up:


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