Monday, February 18, 2013

Play Money for a Token Economy

I have used many incentives for good behavior, good work, finished homework, all of the above.  Right now I am using a very nice homework punch card that my students use to earn rewards.  I made it on Vistaprint which I also love!  My students actually ask when they will be getting homework!  Now that's amazing.

Another great idea for any classroom is a token economy and some great play money.  I give my play money out to my 7th graders when they follow the rules, use their social skills, and do excellent work.  Yes, 7th graders really do like it!  Sometimes they use their money for hints in a game we are playing.  Granted, we play very competitive games like The Amazing Science Race in my class so this is important.  Other times I just get a bunch of prizes and do an auction where the students raise the price on the prize.  This is very fun! 

I started making my own money.  I think I should have kept going with that idea and put the templates on sale at Teachers Pay Teachers!  Anyway, I made a printable money file and then put crazy pictures of myself on the money.  The higher the denomination,  the crazier the picture. I added a saying like "Collingwood's Cash"  or "In Collingwood we trust" or something equally goofy.   I like to mix up the money every quarter, however.  I find that middle school kids get bored of anything that is repeated too much.  Here is a free money template:

Here is a seasonal money that I like to use.  This one is not free but it is pretty cheap really at $3 and editable.
The Paperglitter site has many cute play money templates which would work in middle school and primary grades.  The Christmas money can be found here:
I actually use a circus theme printable money from Paperglitter at home with my daughter.  She really likes the cute designs. 

If you want to use money that actually looks like real money you may want to check out this site:
These are free printable money sheets for US dollars and Euros which are very cool.
Here is another totally free printable money site:
You can print simple but colorful money that looks like this:
Hope your own token economy goes as well as mine has and you have just as much fun!


Lisa Mandina said...

New follower! I love your notebooking ideas. ANd I would love to hear about your Amazing Science Race! Is it somewhere on the blog?

Kimberly Collingwood said...

I do not have my Amazing Science Race up as of yet but I will definitely write a post about it after I run it this year. Thanks for your comments!

jowdjbrown said...

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jowdjbrown said...

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jowdjbrown said...

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Richard C. Lambert said...

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Elizabeth J. Neal said...

Yes, 7th graders really do like it! Sometimes they use their money for hints in a game we are playing. Granted, we play very competitive games like The Amazing Science Race in my class so this is important. Ascenergy

Robert F. Crocker said...

Very neat. I was surprised not to see Canadian money on it near the end, though. It does represent one of the most colourful currencies. buy perfect money e-voucher with paypal

Richard C. Lambert said...

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