Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Biome Dioramas

For my ecology unit this year I had a final written test and a final project.  The project was a biome diorama which we lovingly called a biorama!  Our bioramas were created from a shoebox like a normal diorama but instead of leaving the top open we cut a one inch hole in the side of the box and covered the open part of our box with tissue paper.  You could then look into the hole on the side to see the scene.  My class did some incredible work on this project.  Many used background photos or images to make the scene appear more real.  Still others used different colors of tissue paper depending on their biomes.  If they were creating a savanna biome they might choose yellow paper, or a deep ocean might call for dark green.

Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for this great idea!  I found this wonderful ecology unit complete with this great project on Teachers Pay Teachers.  A store called Getting Nerdy with Mel and Gerdy did all the work and the unit can be found here.

Here are some great pictures of my student's project from this year.  The pictures were taken from the hole in the side of the box.


Carolyn Wilhelm said...

Beautiful student work! We did a similar project in grade two, so I can appreciate the work that the students did. Very capable young people! Thanks for sharing.

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