Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rovers, Rovers Everywhere!

Well the rover project has come to a close today.  There are so many rovers my entire classroom was completely full.  This was probably the best end of the year project I have ever done with a class.  The rovers were so varied and creative from all of my students  There should be many future engineers, and scientists coming from this generation.

My lesson culminated with building a rover, but first my students had to find out about Mars and pick a mission.  They created a mission patch for their group and named their rover.  They then went about creating their own Mars Rover.  The had to stick to a $2,000,000.00 budget during the project.  That meant that they could not purchase items from me that would exceed that amount.  They could buy things like metallic paper, foil, NASA stickers etc. and my prices were greatly inflated!  This meant that they had to use mostly recyclable items to build their rover.  They used boxes, paper towel tubes, soda cans, plastic juice containers etc.  I think they did an amazing job.  We had a lot of fun the last few days!

If you are interested in this lesson to build rovers in your classroom I have posted it in my store at Teachers Pay Teachers.  Here is the link:
Mars Rovers Project


Amy (aka Science Stuff) said...

It looks like the kids did an amazing job! Well done!
Amy (aka Science Stuff)

Ruth S. said...

Kimberly! I was so surprised to see this on your blog! I was a NASA "Students Signatures in Space" teacher for 12 years. All of the students in my building signed official NASA posters that were sent into space with astronauts on missions. One of the most exciting projects we did was when NASA designed a special site where my students could sign their names. The names were burned on a CD and dropped off on Mars with the Rover! I'll never forget one boy's comment when he hesitated signing his name. He said that he probably shouldn't sign it because the Martians would know where he lived. I had to stifle my giggles and told him that I knew for a fact that there are no Martians! Too funny!!
I just signed up as a follower on your blog.
Love your blog. We middle school teachers are GREAT!

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