Thursday, May 26, 2011

What I Have Learned From Teaching

1.  Do not yell!  Have you ever seen yourself yelling?  Not a pretty picture.  That is what the kids see and want to see again!

2.  Be very consistant.  This is probably the most important.

3.  Smile a lot. Kids love teachers that do this.

4.  Don't take yourself too serious.  I used to post  a paper at the back of my class that said remember rule #7.  The kids would ask me what rule #7 was all year.  It was actually just to remind me not to take myself too serious.

5.  Be able to laugh at yourself.  You are much less intimidating when you can do this.

6.  Be nice to your support staff.  They will repay this kindness!

7.  Don't say anything that you don't want everyone to know.  Schools are like small towns.

8.  Plan amazing lessons.  My students told me my rover lesson below was amazing.  Music to my ears!

9.  Not every student learns in the same way or on the same day.  Accommodate, modify and have high expectations while you do.

10.  Enjoy what you do or get a different job.  Anyone who works with kids should love what they do and still be excited about what they teach.


Amy (aka Science Stuff) said...

The rovers were awesome! Have a great summer!
Amy (aka Science Stuff)

Alysia Battista said...

Thanks for setting up the blog hop! I have taught PreK-5 science lab for 2 years and wish I had come across these blogs and TPT / had the time to create one before! I am now addicted... just in time to switch subjects back into a classroom - resource room! Now I have so many people to turn to for ideas!

Miss B, Busy Bee

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