Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Steve Spangler Science

Well I didn't really get to do my very cool plate tectonics powerpoint today because my technology failed.  I have my prep hour first so of course it failed after that.  Good thing my husband works in the tech department at my district.  It was finally going again after classes were over.  Thank goodness for early releases!  We only had 40 minute classes today.  

One thing that my students just love, when technology is working, is Steve Spangler.  He is very motivational for the middle school science class.  We can get Utube for class and he is on the Ellen Show on Utube.  Some of his stuff borders on descrepant events which I discussed on an earlier post.  I like to start my class off with something showy to get us all in the mood for science.  I swear it works wonders.  Here is a Steve Spangler illusion that my class loved.  If you can project it (if your technology is working) you can not only make the dots disappear but also your students will see green dots at the end.  It is very cool.
optical illusion heart


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